Hi! 👋

This is the info website for, a platform that lets you purchase professional, high quality game servers. At the moment we're focusing on setting up Minecraft servers.


Automatic RAM allocation

Most people are overpaying for their RAM usage. When you buy 3gb of RAM to support a maxiumum 35 people your server likely isn't using that 24/7. Instead, there's periods where lots of players are online and periods where it gets quiet. is different. Whenever your server needs more RAM, it gets it. Immediately. No restart or signup required. This is the internet, no one likes waiting for things.

Your server never gets that "near capacity" lag spike.

🙋‍♀️ How do you pay then?

We're working on a per-player pricing system at the moment. More information as we get closer to figuring out our costs.

Donations built right in

We create a donation site for every server that lets players securely and safely donate to your server. Any donations that come in get taken off your bill.

We also let you setup server commands to be run whenever a player donates. For example, say you want to give a user a stack of diamonds for every dollar they donate, we'll let you setup a command that looks a bit like this:

/give {player} 56 {donation*64}

Intuitive, professionally designed UI

Many other hosting platforms have clunky user consoles that feel nearly identical. That's typically because they actually are the same product under the hood.

Instead, we're building one from scratch to help you manage your server without having to decode a complicated interface.

About Us is created by two professional engineers. Our dayjob is writing code and supporting extremely high traffic servers.